Saturday, February 19, 2005

my experience with medical malpractice

I was in the courts for 14 years with a medical malpractice case against a "big shot" doctor. His colleagues refused to testify, either saying "I know him and can't" or "I won't against him because you can't win."
This man did a defensive test showing he would paralyze my face which he said "I promise you your face cannot be paralyzed."
There was evidence of "ghost surgery" because his son was across town having an emergency appendectomy at the same time I was in the O.R.
He testified in 2 separate depositions that facial paraloysis was a "major and common complication" but, when he got on the stand he said "Unknown complication."
The case was non-suited. I asked a juror after whom she believed. Despite the doctor's contrary testimony she replied "The doctor."
Medical societies and states do not sanction the doctors. The Superior Court of Pa. called this man's testimony perjurious but no officer of the Court referred him for prosecution.
By the time I talked to a state's AG lawyer it was shortly after the statute expired. he told me he would have prosecuted him had I come to him in time.
The Pittsburgh DA refused to take my complaint and the first AG attorney I talked with had no time for me. Was it because this man was a 'Big Shot'?
He continues to have medical malpractice cases brought against him and continues to refuse to include this :major and common complication" in his articles, texts, etc so that patients, med students, residents, etc all come away not knowing that a major disfigurement is a known risk of this operation that is named after the doctor.
The medical society needs to clean up its own house, not further victimize the victims.